ELMHURST, Illinois; July 5, 2017 — Horn, 33, joins Elmhurst Brewing from Franconia Brewing Co., a German-style brewery in the Dallas suburb of McKinney, Texas. Horn became head brewer at Franconia in 2010, where he worked under a fourth-generation brewer who emigrated from Germany. Long before he joined Franconia, Horn was tinkering away at home with a brewing system he built himself in 2005.

“We couldn’t be more excited about Cam, from his creative spirit and commitment to quality, to his overwhelming enthusiasm for making great beer,” said Elmhurst Brewing owners, Frazer Donaldson and Pete Dolan, who expect to open their city’s first microbrew pub, located at 171 N. Addison Ave., by autumn 2017 (construction began in April).

At Franconia, Horn focused to a large extent on German-inspired pilsners, dunkelweizens and other varieties, though he also brewed European and American styles, including IPAs and Porters. He recently created the house beer for the Texas Rangers AA baseball affiliate, the Frisco Rough Riders, and holds the state record for highest alcohol-by-volume beer, a 27-percent Eisbock (diluted to 17 percent for distribution).

“While I will definitely use my German brewing background to develop some of our beers, I am very much looking forward to stretching out to some more exciting and experimental styles as well,” Horn said.

“I am looking forward to making beers that connect with the community – by using local ingredients, by collaborating with other brewers and developing a lineup that will please the palates of all our patrons,” he added. Coffee, vanilla, exotic fruits and spices, casks and barrel-aged beers “are just some of things we’ll be trying.”

Donaldson and Dolan invite everyone to get to know more about Cam through a “Meet the Brewmaster” Q&A series coming soon on ElmhurstBrewing.com. Stay apprised on Cam and other updates by following Elmhurst Brewing on Facebook and Twitter (@ElmhurstBrewing).

For more information, contact Pete@elmhurstbrewing.com or Frazer@elmhurstbrewing.com; for interview requests, contact bruceblythe7@gmail.com.