No Frills Fun Run wins the nights’ donation total

First, our No Frills 2018 season, All for the Greves, has officially closed. And the GRAND TOTAL?

$84,450! Isn’t that just amazing? You all did it. We adore the Greves and look forward to seeing them at our 2019 events. Julie, Alexis, Paige, and Lyla…we love you and feel blessed to have you in our No Frills Family.

Speaking of 2019…this is awesome…keep reading. So, there is this awesome group called Hops for Humanity, started by Patrick and Julie Sheehan in 2014. They love two things: good craft beers, and fundraising (two of our favorite things on the planet.) HFH has 100 members who meet quarterly to drink good beer, and each member brings $100. At the meeting there is a “Fishbowl”, and members are allowed to write the name of a charity near and dear to their hearts and drop it in. Three charities are selected, and the person who wrote those particular charities down get to pitch it, and it goes to a vote. (I think you know where this is headed…but stick with me, kid….)

So, Pete Dolan of EBC is a member of HFH and a huge fan of No Frills and our grassroots mission. Well..he did it. No Frills was picked, he pitched it and WON!!! You know what this means? $9,000 ready and waiting for our 2019 Beneficiary family selected in mid November. $9,000 just waiting for them. Our hearts are bursting. Hops For Humanity, Elmhurst Brewing Co., all HFH members…we can’t begin to express our gratitude.

Originally posted on Facebook by Kristen Morrow.