The Brewtubr team flew on the highway out to Elmhurst, Illinois to check out Elmhurst Brewing Company! Set in a fabulous, modern, sleek, all of the above town, this brewery truly goes out of it’s way to pair with other local businesses and sells so much in house beer that they rarely need to can and distribute out (but they still do so keep your eyes peeled, or hell, just go to the brewery you won’t be disappointed). Come check out the spaces and beer review-Cam the brewmaster makes an appearance and guides us through riding the brew train. There is a giant parking garage across the street and plenty of street parking. No parking anxiety on this Brewtubr tour!! A huge shout out to Barry and Cam for giving us a tour and filling us in on everything Elmhurst Brewing has to offer and to Frazer for creating and running such an outstanding joint. Some of our favorite Elmhurst Brewing beers- Red Ryder, Brutus, Julius Squeezer, May the Schwartz be with you, Fools Gold, Professor Plum, The Kraken Don’t forget to hop on over to Brewpoint Coffee who collabs with Elmhurst Brewing Company on the legendary Fools Gold Beer. If you like coffee, this is your beer. @brewpointcoffee8551 Brewpoint Coffee Cheers to Elmhurst Brewing Company!