Beer & Food


1. Go To Helles

Helles Lager

Classic light blond German lager, that is easy drinking without being boring and could definitely be one anyone’s go-to beer.

  • 2.00 4oz
  • 6.00 16oz
  • 12.00 Crowler
  • 20.00 Growler

4.7 ABV

23 IBUs

16oz. English Pint

2. Beer Riot

Pre-prohibition American Lager

Light golden color with a slightly sweet grainy aroma and a little more bitterness than its German cousin. Re-creation of the beers that were first brewed by immigrants to the U.S.

  • 2.00 4oz
  • 6.00 16oz
  • 12.00 Crowler
  • 20.00 Growler

5.5 ABV

39 IBUs

16oz. English Pint

3. The Schwartz

Schwarzbier – Black Lager

One of the darkest beers we have but also one the lightest. Light crisp body with a lower ABV, boasting roasty/mocha characteristics.

  • 2.00 4oz
  • 6.00 16oz
  • 12.00 Crowler
  • 20.00 Growler

4.6 ABV

27 IBUs

16oz. English Pint

4. Underpass Ale

Pale Ale

Sessionable pale ale full of fresh hop flavor. Named after the only way to get around a parked train in Elmhurst.

  • 2.00 4oz
  • 6.00 16oz
  • 12.00 Crowler
  • 20.00 Growler

4.9 ABV

38 IBUs

16oz. English Pint

5. Elm Hefe


Traditional southern German style wheat beer, brewed with 50% wheat and the Weihenstephan yeast, which gives the beer its characteristically strong clove, banana and bubble gum notes.

  • 2.00 4oz
  • 6.00 16oz
  • 12.00 Crowler
  • 20.00 Growler

5.6 ABV

24 IBUs

16oz. English Pint

6. Julius Squeezer

Hazy IPA

Tons of fruit characters dominate this hoppy, yet smooth beer, with a big tropical and stonefruit/apricot flavor and aroma from the large amount of Mosaic and Azacca hops.

  • 2.00 4oz
  • 6.50 16oz
  • 12.00 Crowler
  • 20.00 Growler

6.4 ABV

48 IBUs

16oz. English Pint

7. Westy

West Coast IPA

Dry hopped IPA brewed with very citrus forward hops, Amarillo, Cascade and Centennial to give the classic grapefruit and pine notes typical of a classic American IPA.

  • 2.00 4oz
  • 6.50 16oz
  • 12.00 Crowler
  • 20.00 Growler

6.3 ABV

67 IBUs

16oz. English Pint

8. Up ‘Yer Kilt

Scottish Schilling Beer (Nitro)

Easy drinking light brown ale, Schilling (old Scottish currency) beers were traditionally brewed for the peasants and were priced based on strength. Toasted bread and roast dominate.

  • 2.00 4oz
  • 6.00 10oz
  • Crowler & Growler Unavailable

5.0 ABV

29 IBUs

16oz. English Pint

9. Fools Gold

Golden Sweet Stout

Pours a pale golden color, but has the flavors of dark beer from chocolate and cold brewed coffee, from local coffee roaster Brewpoint Coffee.

  • 3.00 4oz
  • 6.50 16oz
  • 14.00 Crowler
  • 25.00 Growler

6.8 ABV

8.8mg Caffenine

10oz. Tulip Glass

10. Lemon Squeezy


Easy peasy, refreshing hybrid of an ale and a lager. Brewed with Elderflowers and Lemon to accentuate the already crisp floral brew.

  • 2.00 4oz
  • 6.00 16oz
  • 12.00 Crowler
  • 20.00 Growler

5.7 ABV

28 IBUs

16oz. English Pint

11. Professor Plum, in the Brewhouse, with the Mash Paddle

Bier de Mars

A full flavor beer with just a hint of spice and earthiness from the chicory root. The spiciness is very mild, allowing the tropical fruit notes of the habanero to shine through.

  • 4.00 4oz
  • 9.00 10oz
  • Crowler & Growler Unavailable

11 ABV

23 IBUs

10oz. Tulip Glass

12. Stouts Honor

American Stout (Nitro)

Pours with a thick creamy tan head and full body. Jet black in color with aromas of toasted bread and chocolate. Very smooth mouthfeel from the nitro pour.

  • 2.00 4oz
  • 6.00 10oz
  • Crowler & Growler Unavailable

9.6 ABV

54 IBUs

10oz. Tulip Glass

13th Tap Mug Club

The “13th Tap”: Join the “Mug Club” to try this special rotating tap!

13. 13th Tap

Varying Styles

Join the “Mug Club”
to try this special rotating tap!

  • 3.00 4oz
  • 7.00 20oz
  • Crowler & Growler Unavailable

?? ABV

?? IBUs

20oz. Mug Club Mug

EBC 13TH TAP Mug Club Memberships Available

$75 first year • $35 annual renewal

20oz mug to use but you pay the 16oz price for your beer

$1 off on Tuesdays, 1 “birthday” beer & much more!

Thursday Cask Tapping

Featuring variants on our regular lineup of beer with special additions of hops, fruit and/or spices. Select Thursdays

Brews To-Go

Have a favorite or something you want to share? Most of our beers are available to take home with you!!!

  • Crowler 32oz Can
  • Growler 64oz Bottle
  • Kegs available too!
  • Empty Growler – $5



Chick-arrones 8

crunchy fried chicken thigh and skin, pale ale sweet and spicy, corn chip crunch

Meat and Cheese Board 14

various meats and cheeses. selection will vary. housemade accoutrements and toasted bread.

Chicken Wings 10

8 fried crisp and glazed in your choice of sauce – guajillo ale bbq, pale ale sweet and spicy, or sumac buffalo sauce.

Pot Roast Tots 10

beer gravy, pearl onions, mushrooms, braised beef, spicy pickled celery

Hummus Trio 9

grilled bread, seasonal crudite, serrano pesto, charred pepper relish, onion jam

Pickle Fries 7

masa battered pickle spears, green goddess dip, guajillo ale bbq

EBC Pub Cheese 7

grilled bread, ale pub cheese

Fried Cheese Curds 9

lager battered wisconsin cheddar curds, beer mustard

Mussels 10

fresh pei mussels, beer, cream, miso aioli, grilled bread


add grilled or fried chicken breast 4,
grilled italian vegetables 3,
or steak 6 to any salad

EBC Waldorf 9 / 5

apples, celery, cranberries, candied walnuts, bleu cheese, chicories, green goddess dressing

House Salad 7 / 4

mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, homemade croutons, carrots, citrus hop vinaigrette

Winter Market Salad 9 / 5

mixed greens, spiced pepitas, red onions, jicama, beets, bleu cheese, honey balsamic


EBC Roadhouse Chili 7 / 4

angus beef, dark beer, cheddar, onions, grilled bread

Smoky Eggplant Tortilla Soup 7 / 4

eggplant, chipotle, cumin, sumac crema


gluten free crust available upon request

Grilled Vegetable 10

charred pepper relish, grilled vegetables, mozzarella, cherry tomato

BBQ Chicken 12

grilled chicken breast, guajillo ale bbq, onion, mozzarella, cherry tomato


served with fries, tots, or side house salad

Italian Sausage Sandwich 9

grilled Mille’s italian sausage, grilled onions, charred pepper relish, pickled celery, sausage roll

Breaded Pork Sandwich 11

breaded and fried pork loin, grilled onions, beer mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomato, soft roll

Grilled Prime Rib Sandwich 18

prime rib cooked to temp, grilled onions, pub cheese, pickled celery, beer gravy, italian roll

Sumac Buffalo Chicken 10

grilled chicken breast, sumac buffalo, bleu cheese, green goddess, pickled celery, onion, lettuce, tomato, soft roll

Grilled Veggie Wrap 9

grilled vegetables, hummus, mixed greens, red onion, cucumber, choice of serrano pesto, charred pepper relish, or onion jam

Grilled Chicken Wrap 10

grilled chicken, charred pepper relish, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, chipotle vinaigrette


angus beef, turkey, or roasted veggie patty served with fries, tots, or side house salad

EBC CheeseBurger 11

american cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, miso mayo, soft roll

Lager Burger 13

bacon, bleu cheese, black pepper, grilled onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle, beer mustard, soft roll

Imperial Burger 13

fried egg, bacon, cheddar, miso mayo, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle, soft roll

add bacon 1.5, fried egg 1,
extra patty 5


Italian Sausage Plate 15

2 grilled Mille’s italian sausage, charred pepper relish, grilled onions, pickled celery, smashed new potatoes

Grilled Prime Rib 25

12 oz prime rib grilled to temp, beer gravy, horseradish cream fritters, smashed new potatoes

Fish and Chips 15

lager battered atlantic cod, tartar sauce, french fries

Hunter’s Schnitzel 15

breaded and fried pork loin, mushroom beer gravy, smashed new potatoes

Drunken Mac and Cheese 14

¼ pound of cheese, cavatappi pasta, beer cream sauce, corn chip crunch


Fries 4

Potato Tots 4

Mac and Cheese 5

Grilled Veggies 5

Smashed Potatoes 5

Green Salad 4


(ages 10 and under)

choose 2: fries, tots, fresh apples, grilled veggies, or mini salad

Includes choice of soda, milk, lemonade or orange juice

Chicken Tenders 8

homemade white meat chicken strips

CheeseBurger Sliders 9

2 mini angus burgers with cheddar on soft slider bun

Mac and Cheese 8

homemade like grandma does!

Cheese Flatbread 8

tomato sauce and mozzarella on crispy flatbread (choose 1 side)

Buttered Pasta 8

cavatappi pasta and butter


Funnel Cake Fries 6

carnival inspired funnel fries covered in powdered sugar with salted caramel dipping sauce

Apple Tart 8

warm rustic apple pie served with salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

Jar Desserts 5

choose from banana pudding or salted caramel chocolate cake

Scoop O’ Ice Cream 1.5 ea

choose from vanilla bean, chocolate, and rainbow sherbet


Pinot Noir: Formation 2014 11 / 40

Pinot Noir: Stoller “Select” 2015 15 / 54

Malbec: Zolo 2016 9 / 30

Cabernet Sauvignon: Rubus 2015 10 / 35

Cabernet Sauvignon: Cardinal Rule 2012 13 / 45


Stem Ciders: Off Dry, Pear, Real Dry 7


Chardonnay: Gen 5 2014 7 / 25

Pinot Grigio: Ca Stele 2016 6 / 21

Rose: Petit Bourgeois 2017 Mkt / Mkt

Sauvignon Blanc: Bourgeois Petit Bourgeois 2016 9 / 32


NV Ca Stele 8 / 25


Available as neat/rocks/double


  • Tito’s 7
  • Chicago Distilling – Ceres 7


  • Oppidan – Solera Aged 10
  • Few 13
  • Chicago Distilling – Blind Tiger 9
  • Rebel Yell 7


  • Few – Single Malt 19


  • Chicago Distilling – Blind Tiger Straight Rye 9
  • Few – Rye 15


  • Chicago Distilling – Finn’s Gin 7
  • Few – Breakfast Gin 10


  • Dulce Vida – Blanco 7
  • Herradura – Reposado 12


  • Don Q Cristal 7

denotes gluten free item

denotes vegetarian items

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Please be advised that food prepared here may contain these ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.